- Aug 15, 2011
About a year ago, you couldn't go anywhere without seeing the founder of Facebook's mug plastered on billboards and magazine covers, so it isn't surprising to find more than a handful of Mark Zuckerberg sightings on the Internet as well. From Facebook founder fashion to fierce opponent photography, there's just been so many different ways to present the young billionaire to the public.

A standout in this collection of Mark Zuckerberg sightings is definitely the Oscar-worthy social network art, which features everyone involved in the real-life founding of Facebook paired with their movie counterparts from 'The Social Network' and drawn in a magnificent style by the incredibly talented Martin Ansin.

Implications - Consumers gravitate towards companies with recognizable figureheads because they feel they understand a company more when it has a physical human presence. Corporations may consider employing a figurehead to act as a representative for a company, allowing consumers to readily empathize with a brand more easily.

From Oscar-Worthy Artwork to Facebook Magazine Covers: