From Feminine Male Nails to Moustachioed Looks

These manly manicures will impress any gentleman caller. From pocket monster manicures featuring the Pokemon Pikachu to gamer manicures, girls will finally be able to get their boyfriends to take notice of nail art. All those hours spent buffing and polishing nails will have not been in vain.

Girls can pull a Katy Perry rocking an obsessive boyfriend manicure where her nails featured the face of her hubby at the time, Russell Brand. However, the outcome of that relationship did not end well, hopefully it was not due to her possessive polish. Another approach is the sharp shooter manicures filled with some deadly gun decals letting a boy know you are hunting down his heart. If these manicures are a bit too serious, girls can just show that they support their man's facial hair with some moustachioed manicured nails.

Just remember these manly manicures may get a guy's attention, but not necessarily a man.