From Refreshing Wine-Inspired Teas to Break-Off Infusion Bars

 - Jul 18, 2015
If you prefer to brew loose leaf tea over using pre-packaged tea bags, these flavors and blends offer you lots of options, especially if you are health-conscious.

Many teas are designed to help you lose weight or 'detox' your body of harmful toxins. While the science behind this has not been proved, it's something many women buy into -- literally. Examples of these beauty-focused loose leaf tea blends include hydrating rooibos teas, weight loss tea programs and loose leaf medicinal teas.

Other teas are more focused on flavoring. Canadian retailer DavidsTea offers many organic options as well as creative flavors, from the Shirley Temple-inspired to malt shop-themed banana split beverages.

Given the popularity of loose leaf tea in recent years, many brewing accessories have popped up, such as silly steepers and to-go mugs.