From Lacy Eyelashes to Gothic Lace Headwear

 - Jan 9, 2010   Updated: Apr 14 2011
These lace face looks aren't for the weak-willed or the self-conscious. From lace-inspired airbrush makeup to fantasy eyelashes from handmade lace, these fashions are certainly avant-garde. Lace face looks blend drama and elegance beautifully, enhancing a female's delicate features while adding a touch of the surreal.

Implications - As a symbol of femininity, opulence and unmistakeable luxury, lace has gained favor with modern fashion designers. Lace infuses an air of couture fashion into even everyday accessories, which has inspired designers to use lace in false eyelashes, masks and headwear. Businesses can take advantage of this phenomenon by introducing lace and other similar fabrics with traditional cultural value into their products and ad campaigns.