- Jul 9, 2013
Modern day's kids kitchenware is becoming more cartoon-like. From LEGO-shaped cutlery to animalistic salt shakers, kitchen tools are becoming more child-friendly, mimicking animals or contemporary children's pop culture.

We are seeing a lot more elaborately decorated kitchen tools. Traditional cookie jars are being revamped, like the Batmobile Cookie Jar from NeatoShop. This treats jar is in the shape of a speedy car, inspired by vintage Batman comics. The theme of superheroes, as well as other contemporary pop culture figures, is a popular choice for kids kitchenware. We are seeing a lot more of Bat Man, as well as Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse and the Muppets around the kitchen. Iconic characters are always sure to catch children's attention, which is why the millennial mom's kitchen may be getting more colorful and character-filled.

From the Animalistic to the Pop Culture-Infused: