Laughter Yoga, Cell Phone Workouts and Jessica Biel

 - Oct 8, 2008
Jessica Biel is renowned for her trim, athletic shape that is the hard-earned result of weight training and cardio work. It’s rumored that Justin Timberlake has recently proposed to Jessica Biel in Rome, which goes to show how far a perfect body can take someone in life.

Whether you’re a gym rat or a laid-back sloth, these 25 forms of exercise will whittle your shape down to proportions that rival even Jessica Biel’s. Whether you prefer to shimmy like Kim Kardashian or laugh out loud like a crazed hyena, you’re bound to find a workout plan in this cluster that’ll work for you.

In case you’re wondering, according to an interview trainer Jason Walsh gave to Us Weekly, Jessica Biel’s workout consists of four days of cardio and strength training, one day off, and two days of playing her sport of choice for 45 minutes.