Gladiator Games In UK Gyms

 - Mar 21, 2007   Updated: May 17 2011
References: gymbox
Gladiators Ready? Contenders Ready? The Galdiator workout is the new trend to hit UK gyms.

Based on the classic TV show you get to play a range of gladiator games and get darn fit at the same time. Jousting, tug of war and running the gauntlet are all games you complete in against the Gymbox Vulcan.

Sounds like fun to me...

Implications - Living in a society where people are so consumed with work, there is hardly time to do anything else. Obesity is becoming a major issue and after a long day of working, many people just want to relax. Businesses that open unique gyms -- such as the featured Gladiator-styled one -- will help people to get moving because the workout becomes a fun game and not a chore.