From Soft Boudoir Spreads to Dominatrix Double Shoots

 - Jan 25, 2012
Jalouse is a French fashion magazine with the style-focused, modern woman in mind. A title that translates to "jealous," Jalouse is a magazine with a distinct vision of its reader as a woman with the covetable attributes one would associate with the idyllic Parisian-chic lifestyle.

The editorials in Jalouse stay true to this vision, as the features are presented with a well-roundedness and variety not often found in the typical fashion magazine. The Euro-chic attitude of Jalouse was recently reinforced by a short film clip by Matthew Frost that follows model Ashley Smith as she embodies the dream Parisian girl for a whole day, a video Jalouse commissioned with the intention of expanding its online presence. Jalouse is always well-versed in the impending shift in fashion-thought, which is apparent from its ever-enchanting features.