- May 19, 2011
If you thought that the SUV would go extinct thanks to the world's changing attitudes with regards to hybrid and electric vehicles, then you clearly haven't seen any of these innovative SUV concepts. The SUV is alive and well now and should be in the future, albeit in a much, much different form.

Many of these innovative SUV concepts look nothing like the SUVs you would see on the road today. They are not boxy, they have electric or hybrid engines and they are pretty to look at. These SUVs show that while times may be changing, the SUV is clearly here to stay. Check out all of these innovative SUV concepts to get a glimpse into the possibly not-so distant future of the SUV. I totally want to be on the waiting list for Audi's badass baby SUV.

From Suicide Door Hybrids to Commodius Concept Cars: