From Superhero Game Systems to Tweeting Consoles

 - Sep 9, 2011
Wii and PS3 fans are sure to be jealous after clicking through all of these radical Xbox redesigns. Although all three major systems are equally awesome, the Xbox 360 is one that lends itself best to artistic reinterpretation. Official and unofficial Xbox 360 redesigns pop up at least once a month. These redesigns are inspired by everything from social media to new Xbox 360 games.

The most incredible Xbox redesigns are done by artists using the system as their canvas. Although I love the 'Gears of War' Xbox 360 as much as the next gamer, there is something about the Mona Lisa painted onto Microsoft's gaming machine that's hard to resist. If you are growing tired of your Xbox's tame paint job, then be sure to check out all of these radical Xbox redesigns.