The Wii UNLimited Edition is Perfect for Mario Party Marathons

 - Apr 8, 2011
References: & dvice
Modder Angel OD has given Nintendo's newest console a badass makeover with his Wii UNLimited Edition case mod. This case mod turns the Wii into a burly, water-cooled console that can also be wall mounted as a sort of gamer achievement trophy.

The Wii UNLimited Edition is almost three times the size of a regular Wii and is more than likely twice as powerful thanks to its added water coolers, which help to keep the temperatures down during intense gaming sessions. Usually, kickass mods like this are reserved for the more graphically superior consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3 that see marathon sessions of intense gaming. It's nice to see a modder turn his attention to the often-ignored Wii.