From Pink Hearted Sweeteners to Heartfelt Cakes

 - Jan 28, 2013
Valentine's Day is right around the corner and these heart-shaped sweets will add just the right amount of sugar to your special day. Love and sugar have always had an interesting relationship. Along with flowers, chocolates and sweets are some of the most common gifts on the special day. It doesn't seem to matter that just a few weeks ago most people were making New Year's resolutions to eat better, because now Valentine's Day is upon us and that goes out the window.

It's nice to have heart-shaped sweets brighten up this dreary weather month and there's no better place to start than the heart shaped sweeteners. Wake up Valentine's Day and serve your partner a hot coffee or tea with these pink heart sweeteners.

There's also a cake with food coloring in the shape of a heart baked right into each piece.