From Luxury Embellished Backpacks to Debonair Book-Carrying Bags

 - Feb 9, 2013
While backpacks are often associated with types of bags we used to carry as children, these haute backpack designs are a great way to bring these book-carrying bags into the 21st Century, with designs that are both practical and designer-worthy.

Even though backpacks are a practical way for you to hold all your belongings in one place, many people feel that the overall appearance of wearing one is too childish or unprofessional. These sleek backpack designs however, combine gorgeously chic patterns and designs with functionality, so that you can carry these book-carrying bags in style.

From bags that are made from luxurious leather material to those that are fashionable in design and shape, these classy backpack designs are sure to attract anyone looking to glam up their ordinary book bags.