- Sep 18, 2010   Updated: Jul 13 2011
It is undeniable that the ultra serious gamer would much rather miss their own wedding than miss the 'Halo Reach' launch.

Implications - Gaming enthusiasts can take their favorite game off-screen and turn it into an exciting reality with the large collection of these gaming accessories. While these accessories may not necessarily provide you an updated or modern style, they will definitely deliver entertainment and amusement as gamers can live out their nerdiest fantasies.

With these wicked badass gaming accessories, those who lined up for the 'Halo Reach' launch will definitely have more to show when it comes to their gaming gear. From hot gaming tattoos to game replica guns, this list is perfect for those macho gamers who love their games.

Macho Gamer Gear in Honor of the Halo Reach Launch: