10 Sets Of Halloween Costume Ideas For Pets And Babies

 - Oct 14, 2008
These Halloween costume ideas ensure your baby or pet has the perfect outfit on All Hallow's Eve. From silly and fun to freaky and bizarre, these costumes will help your pet stand out from the crowd.

If you love food, consider the Halloween costume ideas in this cluster that feature sushi. We've got 10 outfits for both Fido and baby that include everything except the pickled ginger and wasabi.

If you've got a knack for art, our painted Halloween costume ideas channel both your talent and your pet's canvas of fur into a truly one-of-a-kind piece of living, wiggling art!

If your tastes trend towards the macabre, our spooky bloody bonnets are just one of the Halloween costume ideas that are more gory than cutesy. And if after all of these ideas, you still haven't found a costume for your pet or baby, we've got a few articles that feature some more traditional costumes, like Star Wars characters, cartoon characters, angels, rock stars, and even fake tattoos.