- Oct 8, 2013
Chic party-goers will love these Halloween accessories. This spooky collection includes handbags, rings, necklaces, hair clips, bloody heels and more. Accessories add to any outfit, and there’s no better time to go over the top with them than on Halloween.

The finger-amputating ring is a double ring that looks like a bloody miniature cleaver. This eerie accessory is designed to make it look as though the wearer has chopped off their fingers, which makes it perfect for Halloween. The novel clutch purses are also great for this ghostly holiday, because the collection includes Dracula-themed bags.

For men who are also looking for some Halloween-approved accessories, this list includes a pair of bloody skateboard shoes. These unsettling pieces are perfect for adding to any gruesome Halloween costume.

From Spooky Chic Purses to Finger-Amputating Rings: