From Sugary Sweet Night Lights to Slithering Halloween Gummies

 - Oct 28, 2011
Sure to put a smile on the face of candy enthusiasts everywhere, these gummy-inspired finds demonstrate the enduring popularity of this gelatinous brand of confections. If you ever wished that Homer's coveted gummy Venus de Milo was real, you are a true blue candy fan and if these sweet gummy innovations are any indication, you are most certainly not alone.

Not only did the tasty treat Gummy Bears gather enough speed in the marketplace to spawn a television show in the mid-eighties, they and their chewy brethren have since continued to give rise countless creations; some delicious, some purposely inedible. From technicolor night lights to gory gummy edibles, these delightfully bouncy treats have made a lasting impact on pop culture.

Sure to strike a chord with sweet lovers everywhere, these gummy-inspired finds are endlessly enticing.