From Green Tea Beer to Underwater Tea Parties

 - Jul 8, 2009   Updated: Jun 21 2011
It seems as though many tea-inspired products are surfacing all over the place. Although I have to have a cup of English Breakfast tea every morning, I never realized just how many tea inventions were out there.

From funky bottles containing tea extracts and green tea lip gloss, to simple pleasures like heart-shaped tea sets, this cluster will have what you are looking for in regards to tea.

Implications - In recent years, globalization has dramatically increased; however, it is not just iconic American companies like McDonalds that are influencing international cultures, but rather the customs and foods of global cultures seeping into the North American food and beverage market. One of the major industries feeling the impact of mass globalization is the tea industry. In a health-conscious world, tea is even replacing coffee as a primary source of caffeine and energy for consumers.