From Bank-Breaking Phones to Glittering USBs

 - Nov 9, 2011
Technology has seldom been associated with high-end luxury, but these gilded gadgets are putting a new spin on old beliefs. Whether a popular fad or lasting movement, everyone is going gold.

From gold plated mobile phones and headphones to gilded usb storage devices and computers, everyone is showing off their status with these retro infused glam tech accessories. In recent years, tech manufacturers have caught on giving their products the Midas Touch.

This new design approach includes custom tech-infused products that please consumers in their search for quality as well as great aesthetics. These flashy blinged out accessories are anything but typical and have definite "bragging" appeal for their owners. Gold is no longer only for jewelry and these tech-tastic products prove that luxury is at our fingertips, but that it comes at a price.