Anna Tascha Larsson's 24K iPod Headphone Jewelry

 - Mar 7, 2007   Updated: May 9 2011
References: annatascha & neatorama
Anna Tascha Larsson a jewelry designer in Stockholm who realized that iPods and MP3 player headphones have become fashion accessories. Accordingly. the next step is to class up those accessories with 24 carat gold... the step after that, is to just wear gold accessories that LOOK like headphones. These are non-functional, hot and likely expensive.

Implications - The fascination of Apple products has led to many imitating its style and functionality. Industries outside the tech-industry have come up with ways to creatively capitalize on this success by creating iPod related products. These have ranged from jewelry to shirts that relate to the brand. Even without all the technological aspects, it's interesting to see how businesses are taking advantage of the success of Apple producing products outside the tech industry.