From Gender-Targeted Mints to Libido-Boosting Breakfasts

 - May 14, 2013
Most products on the market, especially when it comes to food, are gender-neutral. But certain companies take marketing to the next level by designing gender-specific products, like male and female version of breath mints, that narrow down each target market.

Consumers want to feel special in a sense that a product is tailored just for them. Gender-specifying an item is one way to attentively cater to consumer needs. Billy Tea ads played on the definition of masculinity to sell tea to men, while the Bia Sport was specifically designed to fit women's wrists. ManHands researched scents that define a man to create products like baseball glove-scented soaps.

Meanwhile, certain products were inevitably split to be gender-specific, like libido-boosting cereal. Since women and men are made up differently, it only makes sense to distinguish ingredients that best complement men versus women.