From Sci-Fi Celebrity Beachwear to Seductively Geeky Swimwear

 - Feb 26, 2013
Swimsuits are often revealing and sultry in design, but for those of you who are looking for a more fun and quirky outfit to wear to the beach, then these geeky swimsuit designs will surely do the trick.

While women often look for two-piece bikinis that have glamorously printed designs and vibrant colors, these nerdy swimsuit creations rather appeal to women who feel like embracing their inner geek by paying tribute to certain video games and comic book heroes. From swimwear designs that reference iconic male movie stars to those that feature images of the well-known Star Wars villains, these unusual and eclectic swimwear options are great for those looking to go outside-the-box and wear something completely personalized to their taste.

Whether you enjoy reading comic books or watching Sci-Fi movies, these geeky bathing suit creations are a great way to show it off the next time you head to the beach.