From Star Wars Jedi Cakes to Retro Game Confections

 - Dec 15, 2009   Updated: Mar 23 2011
Are you a geek? Are you proud of being a geek? If this is the case, I have discovered yet another way to proclaim your geekiness to the world. The 29 Geektastic Cakeovations will ensure that everyone knows just who they are dealing with. From Star Wars Jedi Cakes, to Retro Game Confections, this cluster has got you covered.

Implications - Geeks like sweets too. Social media, sci-fi movies and video games are all getting a sweet tooth makeover. From cupcakes to massive cakes, these edible delights prove that playing with your food is completely acceptable and may even be considered as art! This niche cuisine appeals to a specific market, but it can be enjoyed by the masses as well.