From Hair-Growing Helmets to Gladiator Fashion Accessories

 - Jul 18, 2011
These futuristic head protectors demonstrate how head protection does not have to be an ugly fashion statement. From fashionable cranium protection to hair-cutting helmets, this list has an array of innovative headgear.

Many of these helmets contain cutting-edge technology that not only saves lives, but also makes wearing these contraptions enjoyable. The Bluetooth headgear, for example, allows snowboarders to stay connected while cruising down the slopes. For those who think going to the hairdresser's is too much work, the hair cutting helmet is sure to save some time. These protective head pieces give viewers a glimpse of head protection for the future.

Implications - Contemporary society is consistently saturated with new technology, and consumers can become anxious about what the future will bring. Companies that offer products with a futuristic feel will appeal to these consumers who are curious as to what commodities will look like in times to come.