1930s Futurism to Space Fashion Today

 - Oct 9, 2008
Futurists had quite an active imagination in the 1930s. It's neat now to look at how current sartorial trends compare to the daydreams of people over seven decades ago. The video above highlights some of the visions American fashion designers of the '30s had for people living in 2000.

Even in the 80s, I thought the year 2000 sounded so futuristic, so it must have felt like eons away for people in the heyday of swingdance.

The video above features both projected visions for men and women in the year 2000, making me think our current predictions for 2075 may one day be labeled as retro-futuristic too.

What I find interesting is that the predicted Judy Jetson fashion is actually a reality today. Not that you see galactic mini skirts in mainstream fashion, but there has been a huge space-age influence on many catwalks this year, though mostly just as spoof or for inspiration's sake.