From Crotch-Friendly Denim to Mustache-Clad Runways

 - Jan 4, 2013
Freddie Mercury inspirations can be found anywhere and everywhere; the singer was and will always be one of the most influential men of all time.

Freddie was the lead singer of the band Queen, an epic stage performer and lyricist. His work was expansive and his influence on the music industry, fashion and more is undeniable. Freddie wore signature outfits when he performed. In Queen’s earlier years he wore more outlandish and glittery costumes. In the latter years Freddie went with a more relaxed and slick approach.

He was known for wearing tight denim, plain white tanks and an infamous yellow leather jacket. As well, one must remember and recall Mercury’s badass 'stache. Freddie Mercury inspirations can be found in merchandise, editorials and in art, so keep an eye out for him and his legacy.