From Bento Box Bling to Elegant Porky Pendants

 - Jan 2, 2012
For those who have a deep-seated obsession with everything edible, these faux food jewelry pieces are the perfect accessories. Food by nature is gorgeous, so it is no surprise that these tempting edible designs have served as inspiration for numerous fashion pieces.

From sushi-inspired accoutrements to tasty chocolate-inspired talismans, there is no shortage of faux edibles you can adorn yourself with. Keep a slice a bacon close to your heart on a funky chain and celebrate what's really important in your life. Commit to a life long devotion to butter with an adorable croissant ring. Devote foodies need only apply, because the sumptuous jewelry pieces are not for those with slight appetites.

Sure to inspire hungry envious glances where ever you go, these delectable faux food jewelry pieces are enough to get your tummy rumbling.