From Secret Booze Fasteners to Classy Alcohol Canteens

 - Jul 16, 2012
Although younger generations are content with toting around their boozy creations in plastic water bottles, mature ladies and gentlemen with more refined tastes should carry around fine liquors in first-class flasks.

Infuse everyday essentials with the ability to house boozed wonders in clothing garments, walking aids and creatively concealed storage containers. Keep booze consumption under wraps with covert and disguised drink storage units. Tote around spirit-infused drinks in flasks perfect for on-the-go guzzling. With these fashionable booze bottles, individuals will be stylish sipping delicious drinks and assortments of alcoholically accented refreshments.

Load up this artillery of alcoholic holders and enjoy perfectly crafted cocktails, without paying the exorbitant prices characteristic of bars and clubs. Make sipping spirits a covert and stylish performance, with this selection of first-class flasks.