From Rope-Centric Accessories to Colorfully Beaded Cuffs

 - Jun 14, 2012
These fierce friendship bracelets are an updated version of a beloved jewelry classic that many girls grew up with.

Often looking like something one might be able to make themselves, friendship bracelets are bright, woven and easily replicated. Though an older crowd may be the biggest buyers of these adornments nowadays, the friendship bracelet has undergone an edgy makeover to make it more modern, and is now being seen on the wrist of such cutting-edge bloggers as Man Repeller's Leandra Medine.

Adding some color to many arms and a welcomed dose of personality, these accessories are a fun and nostalgic way to incorporate playfulness into one's style. Often pairing nicely with gold accessories and a subdued outfit, these adornments are understated, but have a huge impact on one's appearance.

Sure to continue in their everlasting popularity, these bracelets will continue to evolve over the years.