From Papercraft Headdresses to Origami Chrysanthemum Couture

 - Jun 21, 2009   Updated: Apr 18 2011
These papercraft and origami-inspired fashions owe a lot to the ancient Japanese art of paper-folding, but as you can see, they've taken this art in an entirely new direction.

From delicate paper headdresses and wigs to toilet paper gowns and reworked Renaissance-era dresses, these fauxrigami fashions have to be seen to be believed.

Implications - Origami is becoming an increasingly obvious source of inspiration in the fashion and interior design industry as of late. This ancient art form suits fashion well because of its intricacy and delicate aesthetic, which provides fashionistas with relief from the cold, hard, sleek lines of the minimalist androgynous look that reigned supreme in the fashion industry for some time.