Lunar BLU Jacket Display

 - Apr 26, 2008
References: lunar & dvice
E-paper technology has been tantalizing our minds and imaginations with each new, fascinating development that crops up. Lunar Design created the Lunar BLU which is a concept jacket that uses flexible organic E-paper that can show other people your mood, subway maps (as the picture shows) and even video ads. They say that, "Based on the promise of electronic fabric, Lunar's BLU project generated several ideas, placing future technologies in the context of the street."

Its mind boggling. Clothes that can reveal our moods to others. Sounds like something out of The Matrix.

"Imagine a jacket that could display your mood throughout the day, offer maps on your sleeve for city navigation, or flash intriguing advertisements to passersby â€" a fashionable twist on the age-old human sandwich board," Device says.

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