From Food Review Serviettes to Social Media Necklaces

 - Aug 12, 2012
The many Facebook Like accessories are only one category of computer-specific features that have been brought from screen to real 3D life.

The famous Like button was only rolled out in early 2010, but already seems like a staple in today’s society. It is used online to show positive feedback to your friend’s posts and comments, a music artist’s or company’s fan page, or generally any other website on the Internet. There has obviously been demand for it in the real world, as the button has been made a reality in the form of Like stamps, cufflinks, necklaces and even oven mitts.

These novel Facebook paraphernalia only show how influential the social media mogul is in influencing pop culture. All it has to do is add a new feature -- imagine what will happen if a Dislike button is ever created!