20 Extreme Backyard ‘Staycation' Activities

 - Apr 12, 2009
‘Staycationing’ is a term we were introduced to last summer by our editor Bianca. The word itself basically means to remain at home for your vacation time instead of taking an expensive trip away. This year more than ever, we are going to see many people foregoing the traditional hotel vacation and choosing to ‘staycation’ in their own backyards.

Swimming in the pool, dining on the deck and the occasional game of Frisbee are making way for more radical outdoor enjoyments, such as backyard rock climbing, personal skateboard parks and, if you’re real handy, a DIY rollercoaster!

Don’t worry, the time-honored backyard BBQs haven’t been forgotten, they’ve just gone more extreme. These days the grills are solar-powered and artesan pizza ovens are on the patio.

If you’re looking for something a little more down-to-earth, why not give urban farming a try? What better way is there to spend quality time with the family than egg collecting from your own hens?