From Buckling Gladiator Sandals to Strappy Shoe Boots

 - Jun 11, 2013
With the summer season finally at our doorstep, the need to have some practical yet stylish pieces of footwear is essential, and these extraordinary strappy shoes will surely have any fashionista strutting around in style.

While regular sandals or loafers are also great options for wearing in the summer sun, these strappy shoes adds an extra level of sophistication, making them seem much more intricately designed and luxurious. The appearance of these straps looping around your leg or feet serves to create a more detailed and intriguing pattern, turning an ordinary piece of footwear into an artistic creation.

From gladiator sandals that strap all the way up to your knee to luxuriously designed heels covered in diamonds, these strappy shoes will definitely add some flair and excitement to any summer wardrobe.