From Lingerie Weaponry to Rowdy Reflection Shoots

 - Jan 26, 2012
These Evan Rachel Wood features will leave you shivering.

Evan Rachel Wood is a modern-day femme fatale. The actress has an enticingly mysterious life, having dated the well-known shock rocker Marilyn Manson. Her subtle allure is hypnotizing -- almost manipulative. The entrancing actress has been featured in a series of racy editorials and ads. Wood appeared steamy and sweating as the face of Gucci's 'Guilty' fragrance. Wood's editorial in GQ is aggressively sexual, where she's wielding a gun and a badass corset. In addition to her raw sexual prowess is her collection of tattoos. The star has seven tattoos, which are mostly hidden. However, the candle stick on her lower back is sassy and feminine.

Evan Rachel Wood's versatility and sensuality has made her a sex icon within the Hollywood scene.