- Jan 9, 2013
If you're planning an event -- whether it's a wedding, a party or a business dinner -- and are looking for food and a service that will reflect socially conscious values, these ethical catering companies will do just that.

Here, you'll see a variety of different business models: from work-based catering academies that work with marginalized communities to catering companies that use food waste (mostly produce) in order to offer meals. That company, Culinary Misfits, is based in Germany and is similar in idea to FoodCycle, a community initiative that feeds those in need through the use of surplus produce.

Other ethical catering companies offer state-of-the-art training services, for instance, the Create Foundation, which is a registered community interest company (CIC) and also a long-time Social Enterprise Mark recipient.

From Work-Based Academies to Multi-Ethnic Cooking by Immigrants: