From Hang-Dry Dishes to Sculptural Crockery Dryers

 - Jun 3, 2012
There are several dutiful draining racks on the market that are more interesting than your average metal drainer.

As bad as it sounds, sometimes an incentive is needed for people to take environmentally conscious actions, and in an age where everything has become automized and easier through technological advancements, it is difficult to ask people to do things by hand. Redesigned drying racks are a way to add that high-tech aspect to a traditional method. By fusing the act of dish washing with watering plants, this multifunctional design seems versatile and cool. With stylish designs like that of the crests of a wave or a high-rise metropolis, the aesthetic criteria is fulfilled.

Drying racks show users that even the most basic and primitive methods of living can be reversed with a simple redesign.