Ape Plates Serve Up Half of the Job for Washing

 - May 29, 2012
References: anne-boenisch & blog.2modern
Toweling down dishes can seem like a waste of time when naturally, given a couple of hours, they can drip dry on their own. The reason for tidying up so thoroughly immediately is often based on a shortage of space, and a problem that is easily solved with the Ape Plates and a tea towel rack.

Anne Boenisch has designed this set of elegant platters with beautiful sinuous borders and a gently curved hook in the side of each one. This unique shape enables the salvers to be suspended securely and hitched up over pot hangers and rails. There's no need for this crockery to take up valuable dish rack real estate.

An added benefit to the Ape Plates is that the notch can be used to hold a wine glass as you eat your dinner standing up.