From Bizarre Barbie Bras to Horrific Doll Decorations

 - Aug 31, 2013
When it comes to scary and spooky movie references, deformed and malicious dolls are some of the most frightening images around, and these unsettling doll head products are offering horror fans some unusual ways to appreciate this scary genre.

While Barbie dolls and porcelain figurines are occasionally disturbing, their full frame often makes them less frightening to the naked eye. Dismembered doll parts however, especially showcasing just the head, serves to make for a visually bizarre and all around unsettling image. From ornaments made from detached Barbie heads to cleansers shaped like eerie baby dolls, these unsettling doll head products will definitely give anyone who sees them a big scare.

Perfect for individuals who don't mind horror references or bizarre designs, these doll head products will certainly add a shocking touch to any home.