From Upcycled Plate Menus to DIY Chalkboard Table Toppers

 - Aug 28, 2013
Any arts and crafts enthusiast looking to add some customizable touches to their home decor are in luck, because these DIY chalkboard projects are here to offer some crafty examples of how to utilize this handy chalkboard material in all sorts of items.

While chalkboard is often associated with items found at schools and craft centres, these DIY chalkboard projects are showcasing how you can easily incorporate this nostalgic childhood material into ordinary aspects of your home decor. By incorporating chalkboard material into the structure or framework of other products, you can easily personalize that product with pictures or words that you or your friends can draw.

From DIY chalk cheese boards to blackboard furniture designs, these DIY chalkboard projects will definitely have adults feeling like a kid again.