From Grotesque Humanimals to Political Facial Remixing

 - Nov 8, 2010   Updated: May 24 2011
Digital face morphing is far more intense than what you see on the covers of magazines. While some photoshop pros make celebrities look flawless for photoshoots, other photoshop experts take their skills to a whole new level of creativity and outlandishness.

From grotesque elephant men to an Obama and Bush facial mashup, these examples of digital face morphing are truly captivating.

Implications - Photo manipulation is an interesting medium that's been useful in attracting potential consumers. Consumers are already use to images that are straightforward, so they need something that'll catch their eye. This style of imagery helps take advantage of abstract concepts that showcase the creative power of a business. It also lets companies play around with an image to make it more interesting so that it accentuates the product being sold.