Bush and Obama Blended To Make Frightening ‘Obushma'

 - Jan 24, 2009   Updated: Jul 21 2011
Trend Hunter has featured plenty of political mashups, but this 'Obushma' cocktail is too much! The images show a metamorphosis, no doubt created in Photoshop, of George Bush morphing into Barack Obama, step by step.

The first image in gallery shows the perfect blend of the two, then proceeds on to real George Bush, and morphs into Barack Obama.

As long as it's not the other way around, I think we're safe!

Implications - These freaky political cartoons will have you scratching your eyes and looking twice as you try to discern the image. This blended photo of George W Bush and Barrack Obama will have you mesmerized. If you have not already done so -- and even if you have -- take a look at this series of images.