From Cinnabon Ear Studs to Pastry-inspired Accomodations

 - Feb 18, 2013
You may find yourself craving sweets after you finish browsing through all of these decadent cinnamon bun designs. The cinnamon bun is a surprisingly versatile pastry. Its unique shape lends itself well to everything from hairstyles to homes. (You'll remember Princess Leia's famous cinnamon bun hairstyle from Star Wars.) Creatives can find inspiration in just about anything, and the cinnamon bun is no different. However, it is what creative cooks do with the cinnamon bun that is most awesome.

One of the best ways to make a burger instantly more delicious, and unhealthy, is to replace its buns with cinnamon buns. However, the same is also true with regard to pizza. Check out these decadent cinnamon bun designs to see what else can be done with a cinnamon bun and a little creativity.