- Oct 15, 2008
The dangerous heels featured in this cluster were made more for torture than a stint on 'Dancing with the Stars.' The sheer number of sky-high stilettos on the luxury market today is astounding. Are women really such masochists?

Professional dancers wear high heels regularly to dance, but they're nothing like these. You certainly won't see 'Dancing with the Stars' personality Cheryl Burke don these dangerous shoes on the show. And no ballerina in her right mind would rock either the Ballet Toe boots or the Christian Louboutin fetish heels you'll see below.

Some of the heels below are dangerous for their design rather than their insane height. Madonna turned heads and incited controversy with her Chanel Vice Heels, which feature a tiny gun in place of a heel. And the Electric Cinderella shoes pack a stun gun into their stilettos--perfect for a 'Dancing with the Stars' diva to retaliate against the judges for a poor score. Paging Cloris Leachman!

Even if you'll never appear on 'Dancing with the Stars,' most fashionistas would call any woman daring enough to don these dangerous shoes a pro if they're able to just remain standing.

Stilettos You Won't See on 'Dancing with the Stars':