From Strategy Game Bottle Plugs to Topsy-Turvy Toppers

 - Jan 28, 2013
When you're sharing wine with guests, it's common place to place a plug in the bottle to keep it fresh and these cute wine stoppers will let you do so in a quirky fashion. Wine stoppers are essential for keeping bugs out of the bottle if you're outdoors, preventing accidental spills and adding a little extra touch to your table decor.

Wine toppers are notorious for having a sense of humor; they're often ornate, a bit over-the-top, and make light of their purpose. This fine collection features an assortment of absolutely adorable toppers that range from being perfect for the holidays to great for any time of the year. Moreover, these cute wine toppers make great offerings for a host when you pop by. It might just spark the beginnings of an eccentric collection.