From Royal Jewelry to Regal Tribal Headdresses

 - Jul 21, 2013
With mainstream media currently glued to the royal baby phenomenon happening in London, England, these crown-inspired accessories are perfectly suited for any diehard enthusiast looking to celebrate the on-going festivities in royal fashion.

One of the most discussed fashion features of the royal family is the visually stunning crown that the Queen wears during special occasions. There’s nothing that says royalty more than a beautifully studded headpiece filled with jewels and diamonds. That’s why there’s no surprise as to why jewelry retailers are designing their fashion accessories to resemble this royal accessory piece, allowing consumers the opportunity to dress up like their favorite royal princesses.

From couture crown headbands to regal tribal headdresses, these crown-inspired accessories will definitely make you the life of the party with its extravagant and posh looks.