From Delicious Cracker Seating to Animal Cracker Sculptures

 - Nov 15, 2011
These crunchy treats are the perfect additions to recipes and meals because of its texture and flavor, which makes it understandable why these biscuits have inspired many to create crazy cracker creations. Both salty and sweet, these minimalist cookies are delicious and crispy, which is why they go so well with soups and creamy recipes like deserts and warm s'mores.

Scrumptious and simple, crackers have the power to calm hunger when there’s no other food around, but still leave room for more substantial sustenance. They’re also the life of the party as people like to enjoy canapes while mingling with others. Sculptures have also found another use in these munchies, as seen by some crunchy chairs and sculptures.

Find your favorite spread to enjoy with some of the most fun, crazy cracker creations.