From Couture Canine Cushions to Fierce Feline Accomodations

 - Mar 15, 2013
Designed to accommodate everyone's favourite furry companion, these contemporary pet beds vary from eco-friendly to couture inspired. Whether recreating an animal-friendly version of modern furnishings or encouraging sustainable design practices, these pet accommodations defy tradition and embrace cool and contemporary concepts.

Domesticated animals are making a fast transition from household companion to an established member of one's family. Because of this pet retailers are looking for both practicality and aesthetics in their products.

These animal accessories range from space-saving solutions to sustainably built designs that look to the future. From egg-shaped canine carriers to suspended feline hammocks, these contemporary pet beds allow one's pet to lounge in style. These examples of industrial design fit a modern visual mould and are more likely to act as cool home accessories instead of unsightly eyesores.