From Festive Faux Footwear to Bloody Christmas Bags

 - Dec 21, 2011
It's time to hang those Christmas stockings by the chimney with care and anxiously anticipate the arrival of Santa. Kick this festive waiting game up a notch this year and swap out your usual seasonal sock for one with a little more personality. Sure to give Santa a chuckle and possibly up his generosity, these kooky Christmas stockings are loaded with personality.

From sci-fi seasonal stuffers to stockings made for man's best friend, there is no shortage of clever designs for this holiday must have. The iconic shape of a Christmas stocking is so iconic that it has lent itself to spooky Christmas ornaments and even blood bags. A sure fire shine a team of eight reindeer can't be far off, these festive socks are beloved part of any successful Christmas celebration.

Sure to inspire visions of sugar plums, these Christmas stockings are loaded with the festive spirit.