From Charlotte Free Editorials to Cotton Candy Coif Features

 - Feb 7, 2013
Charlotte Free, the woman who has made bright-pink hair a chic and totally acceptable within the modeling industry, has been featured in several campaigns allowing her true personality to shine bright.

The modeling industry may seem to have very stringent rules for how models should look, but in Ms. Free's case, these rules don't always seem to apply. There is, of course no denying that she is a beautiful, thin and tall girl, but there are seldom many models who are able to rock a head full of brightly hued tresses.

Her apparent carefree attitude and edgy persona has fashion labels going crazy over her as she has been featured in an increasing amount of campaigns. Her growing popularity can partially be owed to the recent hair color craze where blue, turquoise and pink tresses are everything. Of course, the other aspect of Charlotte Free's continuing success has to be her ability to stay true to who she is.